Karen Hackenberg’s “Water Shed”

There's something very exciting going on in Centrum's Studio for Visual Arts here at Ft Worden. Karen Hackenberg is a local visual artist working on her newest installation… a Water Shed built from the salvaged pieces of a burned out greenhouse. Watching sooty lengths of aluminum become a sculpture is one of those unexpected perks that come with running an artistic residency program… I'll share a couple of photos from Karen's Blog  as a little teaser of things to come.

Karen's adventure starts at the local recyling center…

Karen_at_Recycling_Center When you think of local reclaimed metal becoming fantastic art, you can't help but think about Margie McDonald . Margie was a collaborator in the de-construction of the greenhouse that will become an integral part of Karen's new work.


I can hardly wait to see the finished product… stay tuned!