Take it to the Top

High school camp This summer at Centrum’s High School Summer Arts Camp, the opportunity is there for youth to take their talents to a new level. Why not just take it to the top? Register today!

Award winning poet Gary Lilley says this about his workshop for high school students at Centrum:

 “Poetry has informed all my other writing: the fiction, the plays, and the essays all benefit from the attention to details, to the visual, to the word. This workshop will meet students where they are, and watch how the writing, all writing, gains greater dimension. I feel comfortable working with students wherever they are. This is the place to jazz up narratives and create sharp, memorable images in a supportive workshop setting with other young aspiring writers.”

Nicco Annan is a choreographer, actor, and educator. See the results of some of his work with teens in this clip from a show with youth from Urban Word NYC + Dance Theatre Workshop performing in New York City. Directed by Tamilla Woodard, with choreography by Nicco Annan, their piece is called:  Break the Mirror, Break the Image, Break the Mic.

The video features “The Insides Ain’t Pink Enough and Diary of a Young Black Girl ,” performed by Marne Bruckner  & Alexis Marie.

Nicco and Erwin Thomas will be joining forces this summer to create a week of living theatrical magic at Centrum. With the use of colorful contemporary poetry, monologue/dialogue, and song, explore the passion, expression and technique behind musical theater performance. In “Musical & Legit Theater,” students will journey through script annalysis, voice, and movement for the stage using text and music from shows that focus on youth such as “Rent” “Runaways” and “Brooklyn”.

More about High School Summer Arts Camp (and its instructors)…

Pavolvic After her show in Seattle’s SOIL Gallery in March, Centrum HSSAC instructor Vesna Pavlovic (Photographic Storytelling) presented her work at the Thessaloniki Photo Biennial in Greece. Her “Search for Landscapes” project occupied an old train compartment at the Mylos Gallery. Vesna’s August workshop at Centrum is gearing up to be an exciting exploration of place (Fort Worden State Park), specifics of the art of photography, and digital technologies.

Greer Eco-Art Installation teacher Mandy Greer’s huge installation piece, Mater Matrix Mother and Medium will be traveling to Issaquah later this summer after its most recent installation in Kent. Next year it travels to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC. In 2012, Mandy will be traveling with Miko Kuro’s Midnight Tea to take Mater Mother Matrix and Medium to Mumbai, India! In January 2011 she has a solo show of installation, sculptures and narrative/cinematic photographs at Roc La Rue Gallery in Seattle. Join Mandy and learn about creating art far outside the ordinary.