June Days

As I write these words, the fourteen members of Brenda Miller's sold-out Techniques Class in Creative Nonfiction are in the living room of a Victorian house on Officers' Row, deep into the heart of crafting essays.

The workshop continues all day, and then all day tomorrow, and then we don't have creative nonfiction workshops again here until the July 18-25 Port Townsend Writers' Conference.

The Port Townsend Writers’ Conference has been since 1974 at the heart of the thriving Pacific Northwest literary scene. With a focus on community and rigorous attention to craft, the Conference offers morning workshops, afternoon workshops, residencies, guided freewrites, and a vibrant readings and lectures series presented by vital, contemporary writers. You can register here, or call 360.385.3102, x131.

Whether you’re new to writing, and seeking an inspirational environment to create new work; looking for advanced post-MFA revision workshops; or simply desire to renew and recharge yourself in a writing retreat, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference gives you the craft and connections to make breakthroughs in your work.  

For those who register for a core morning workshop, you’ll spend the morning in intimate workshops with your core faculty member. These workshops are limited to fourteen participants and include one-on-one time with your faculty member. Early risers will also find optional freewrites that happen before the core morning workshops begin.

The Conference features afternoon workshop offerings in special topics. These workshops are taught both by the core morning faculty members and visiting writers and editors. They are available on a drop-in basis for free to those participants who are registered for morning workshops at at a special price for those who only want to take workshops in the afternoon. Following these workshops, a vibrant lectures series presents the core morning faculty members discussing their passions, their politics, and their process from origin to completed product. 2010 Port Townsend Writers' Conference Afternoon Sessions.

Each evening at 7:30, two faculty writers will give a reading at the Joseph F. Wheeler Theater. These readings are free for all participants.

Tuition for the Conference ranges from $50 to $595. Room and board options range from $205 to $515. Admission to afternoon workshops only is $50 per workshop or $275 for unlimited access to all afternoon workshops. Admission to freewrites or morning writing exercises only is $25 per session. All freewrites, morning writing exercises, and afternoon workshops are free for those who are registered for the core morning workshops. Register

The Daily Schedule:

7-8—Morning Freewrite
9-11:30—Morning workshop
9-10:30—Optional Morning Freewrite
2-3:30—Workshops and lectures in special topics
4-5—Craft Lecture