The Calder Quartet Plays Lelekovice in Port Townsend

Fred Firth One of the more intriguing compositions that will be performed by the Calder Quartet during this week's Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival is "Lelekovice, String Quartet #1," by the English guitarist,
and improviser Fred

"Lelekovice" will be performed on Thursday night, along with pieces by Mozart and Schumann.

Firth composed the piece in 1990 and dedicated it to the international actress and musician Iva Bittová, Lelekovice being the name of the
village near Brno
in the Czech Republic where Bittová lives. 

The piece explores a Gypsy scale in nine-movements, and takes the audience on a dynamic and energetic musical journey. A guitarist who occasionally uses bows when he plays, Firth is driven by a powerful creative energy and a desire to
He is one of the most prominent rock musicians to explore the
possibilities of free improvisation and new classical forms, playing on
albums by the Residents, Brian Eno, Amy Denio and Rene Lussier.

The Calder Quartet's interpretation of "Lelekovice" is outstanding, and not to be missed. We've included a video below of the 9th movement for you to enjoy.

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