Dancing With Thoreau

Chris Korrow Filmmaker Chris Korrow’s springtime residency at Centrum helped him finish the music for his latest film, Dancing With Thoreau. (The film will premiere on PBS this fall, and the trailer is available here!)

Dancing With Thoreau is a unique environmental film that combies dynamic, high-definition footage with interviews and narrative told from the perspective of a naturalist and organic farmer, focusing on our individual and societal connection/disconnection with nature; what that means to us physically, emotionally and spiritually; and how we as individuals can deepen that connection through inspiration and practice, and reap its many benefits.

A primary goal of the film is to inspire people to become more engaged in the wonders of their local environments.

Late-summer and early-autumn residency stays at Centrum are available by calling Centrum at 360-385-3102, x128.

Chris Korrow is a naturalist, farmer, photographer, filmmaker and author. His documentary Garden Insects premiered nationwide on PBS and was seen by an estimated 2.5 million viewers. Winner of two film festival awards, Garden Insects was filmed in Korrow’s backyard garden. Korrow’s art has been a segue into educational presentations on nature, environmentalism and gardening. He has conducted environmental-based professional development for school teachers, and is frequently invited to give lectures and presentations at conferences, environmental meetings, public libraries and to spiritual organizations. Chris Korrow YingYang

Korrow moved to a rural Kentucky farm almost 20 years ago, built a solar powered home and started an organic vegetable business. Before long, he and his wife had two daughters, and lived a sustainable lifestyle, growing most of their own food, with no phone, no electricity and no hot running water. Times have changed, and even though they still bail their drinking water by hand from a well, the farm now boasts a high-tech office, complete with Apple computers, allowing the two to pursue their creative careers without giving up their original commitment to an environmentally-sound and contemplative lifestyle. Together they have launched Breathe Deep Productions, a media company centering on projects that explore the intersections between nature, agriculture, and spirituality. His artistic goal is to maintain a close connection to nature on his farm in rural Kentucky, and translate what he learns into inspiring film and photography projects, reaching an ever-widening circle of people interested in the intersection of art and the environment.

Korrow was recently awarded a professional development grant from the Kentucky Arts Council for the development of his website. He recently received a grant from RSF Social Finance to purchase 250 copies of his film Garden Insects to be donated to schools and libraries throughout the middle region of the US. Learn more at www.breathedeepproductions.com.