My Sisters Made of Light

We're pleased to announce that My Sisters Made of Light, a novel by 2009 Conference participant Jacqueline St. Joan, is forthcoming this autumn!

Fueled by St. Joan's extensive travels and research in Pakistan—as well as her own experiences as a human rights activist, lawyer, and judge—the novel is a compelling, heartbreaking, and sometimes terrifying look into the lives of women and men in Pakistan, centering on three activist sisters. The novel centers on three activist sisters who dedicate themselves to helping the women of Pakistan.

 "Jacqueline St. Joan writes with the passion of a life-long feminist and the insight of wide experience," notes Dorothy Allison, who taught at Centrum in 2001 and 2006. "She brings to her story what she brought to the law, a conviction that life is full of both struggle and purpose and that grace comes to us when we have no reason to expect it."