Part of the Mix: Applying to Artist Residencies

Jennifer-chen Writer and editor Jennifer Chen recently posted about her experiences at various nationally-known artist residency programs, including her time at Centrum. If you are looking for an excellent artist-perspective on the impact of different residency programs, we recommend her article.

"My filmmaker and writer friend David Licata and I first met in New York City when we both worked at a nonprofit. As a fellow artist, David casually mentioned one day that he was applying to artist residences. As a fresh-out-of-an-MFA program writer, I had no idea what an artist residence was. David encouraged me to apply, suggesting Centrum > in Port Townsend, WA. I got in. For two weeks, I had a whole house to myself with no internet and no distractions. And I wrote like a fiend, but most importantly, played fetch with a dog on the beach."

Her whole article is posted on the Courage 2 Create blog by Ollin Morales.