Four Days and Four Ways

Deb We'll be opening registration for the 38th annual Port Townsend Writers' Conference next Monday morning, October 25, and there are four different ways to get involved.

Morning workshops are being led by poets Dorianne Laux, Cate Marvin, and Carl Phillips; creative-nonfiction writers Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Paisley Rekdal, and Bob Shacochis; and fiction writers Pam Houston, Sam Ligon, and Cheryl Strayed.

Afternoon workshops in a wide variety of literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and cross-genre classes are being led by Elizabeth Austen, Sheila Bender, Jenifer Browne Lawrence, Wendy Call, Ashley Capps, Susan J. Erickson, Gayle Kaune, Anne Germanacos, Gabriel Gudding, Kitty Hoffman, Susan Landgraf, Gary Lilley, Bill Mawhinney, Deborah Poe, Midge Raymond, Laura Read, Susan Rich, Kelli RussellConference Agodon, Michael Schein, Jeremy Voigt, Richard Widerkehr, and Maya Jewell Zeller. We have more options than ever, with fifty-four of these workshops (nine per day!) throughout the week. These workshops are free to those registered for a core morning workshop, and available for $150-275 if these are your main area of focus.

Morning freewrites and morning exercises are free to morning class attendees, or available for $150-275 if you aren't attending morning sessions. 

And the Residency-Only option, in which you come and use your time to read and write while (optionally) attending our free Readings and Lectures series, is a fourth way to enjoy PT. You can also mix and match this option with the afternoons/mornings exercises. For more information, please call 360-385-3102, x131.