Fort Worden Advisiory Committee

The Fort Worden Advisory Committee (FWAC) is an active sixteen-member panel with representatives from park residential programs and the community.

FWAC has been active in many issues regarding the operation of the park.  It helped stop the imposition of daily parking fees as a means of funding its operation. It supported and helped outline the current plan to transfer the management of the park to a non-profit organization as a way of improving the functions of the park without increasing the need for state funding. Keep updated with current FWAC and Fort Worden Partner news & notes.

Groups represented on the committee are Centrum, Coast Artillery Museum Association, Heritage Group, Jefferson County Commission, Jefferson County Historical Society, Marine Science Society, Olympic Rhododendron Society, Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce and the Port Townsend City Council.  There are also seven at-large members.  The committee meets monthly on the third Thursday at noon in the Administrative Conference Room at the Park Office.

The charge of the Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity and as a resource on matters relating to the development and management of the park.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Analyze the use and management of Fort Worden State Park and recommend changes and refinements as deemed appropriate;
  • Analyze development concepts and make recommendations;
  • Provide input to the planning process regarding local concerns and cooperative endeavors, volunteer programs, hotel management practices, food and beverage service practices, concepts of historic preservation, etc.;
  • Suggest means of and assist in obtaining legislative support and funding;
  • Provide a vehicle for the continuous and expanding promotion of the use of Fort Worden State Park, and assist the Park Manager in efforts to maintain close and effective local community liaison.

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