Voice is Literature, Literature is Voice

Bob Shacochis, who will be leading a creative nonfiction workshop at the 38th annual Port Townsend Writers' Conference, happening July 17-24, 2011, will also be leading an afternoon workshop from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on Wednesday, July 20.  

Entitled “Voice is Literature/Literature is Voice," here is what he will cover in that one-day session:

Voice is the x factor in quality writing, a presence much like a soul, essential to an identity and yet not exactly accessible to its owner. However much you know it’s there, it remains an elusive but indelible entity, easy to identify but difficult to create (or teach). The talk will attempt to define voice (as different from style or tone), and suggest strategies for developing and evolving your very own, one of a kind, singular voice—the absence of which prevents good writers from becoming great writers.

This class will be one of nine workshops happening simultaneously on that day, and is free to anyone registered for any core morning workshop. To register for afternoon workshops only, please follow this link.