Suzy Thompson Welcomes Bruce Greene and Don Pedi to Fiddle Tunes

Suzy Thompson, Centrum’s new Artistic Director for the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, is beginning a series of faculty introductions for the 2011 Festival. First up is the great fiddler Bruce Greene, who will be coming to Port Townsend with dulcimer master Don Pedi.

Suzy writes about Bruce:

“Bruce Greene’s renditions of these tunes go deep into the collective subconscious, evoking that shiver of recognition that occasionally comes even when you may not have ever heard that style of music before. Hearing him play changed my life and I would love for others to have that same kind of experience in 2011.”

Read more from Suzy over on our Fiddle Tunes site – and don’t forget to register for the 2011 Festival online.