Centrum Offers Fine Art Prints from its Collection

Jones_Anitim_crp_500px A number of prints from the Centrum Print Collection are now available to view and purchase. Please be sure to bookmark the website… we’ll be adding more prints over the coming months!

The complete collection is comprised of over 400 unique images donated to Centrum by Visual Artists in Residence.

More than 100 additional prints from Centrum’s collection can be viewed at the Port Townsend Virtual Art Museum website.

Ehle_Untitled (head w Snake)_crp_500px


These prints are being offered at introductory pricing, and your purchase will directly support Centrum‘s mission of providing creative experiences that change lives. Shown here are just a few prints from the extensive collection.

Clockwise from the top:

 Animation by Fay Jones – 19″ x 26″ monotype 1988

 Untitled (Head with Snake) by Michael Ehle – 24″ x 18″ linocut 1987

 Untitled by Norie Sato – 22″ x 30″ color etching 1989

 La Volta by Julia Ricketts – 12″ x 12″ etching 2004

 Horseman by Caroline Orr – 8″ x 9″ zinc etching 1995

Centrum deeply appreciates the generosity of the many artists who have supported the Artists in Residence program and contributed to this collection. 

Orr_Horseman_crp_500px       Ricketts_La Volta_crp_500px        Sato_Untitled_crp_500px