Spend A Week Singing at Voice Works


If you love to sing, we hope you can come to Centrum June 27 – July 3, 2011 for Voice Works, a week devoted exclusively to singing on the heavenly campus of Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend.

The combination of world-class artists and passionate participants results in one of the most inspiring weeks of the year at Centrum. Day and night, you’ll soak up styles, songs and stories in a wide range of vocal traditions with some of the finest vocalists in the hemisphere.

  • Cajun Repertoire and Honky Tonk with Courtney Granger
  • Bluegrass and Harmony with Jenny Lester
  • Vintage New Orleans Jazz, and Swing with Meschiya Lake and Casey MacGill
  • Country Duets with Laurel Bliss and Cliff Perry
  • Traditional Southern Singing Styles with Alice Gerrard
  • Roots Singing with Pharis Romero
  • Eastern European Singing wtih Mary Sherhart
  • World Choir with Daniel Steinberg

Meschiya Lake, pictured above, will be working with participants on Vintage New Orleans Jazz and Swing. Dan Baum of The New Yorker writes about Meschiya:

“Meschiya Lake rocks back on her heels, lifts her chest, and opens her throat like an air raid siren to croon in a thrilling pre-microphone style that…can make you feel by turns as though you were shivering around a campfire in a railroad (yard) or drinking in a Budapest nightclub in 1938.”

Her music was noted by NPR as one of the highlights of 2010. If you love singing, we are confident that spending a week with artists like Meschiya will be a highlight for you as well.

Register online for Voice Works, or dig deeper by visiting our Voice Works site.