Leo Kottke Returns to Port Townsend

Centrum and Upwest Arts welcomes Leo Kottke to the Olympic Peninsula on May 21, 2011 at McCurdy Pavilion at Fort Worden State Park. The solo concert will be his first on the Peninsula since 2007.

Purchase tickets to the concert online, or call 800-746-1982.

Solo acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke is renowned for his mastery of the 12-string guitar; his powerful fingerstyle technique is instantly recognizable, and has inspired generations of musicians.

Leo’s career has spanned more than three decades — his debut LP, 6 & 12 String Guitar, has been reissued on CD three times since its 1969 release, and he has gone on to record more then 30 albums. Most recently, Leo has collaborated with Phish bassist Mike Gordon.

His humorous and philosphical stage banter is the stuff of legend. National Public Radio recorded a performance online that showcases Leo Kottke’s special artistry, as well as his unique sense of humor.