Centrum Welcomes Leo Kottke May 21

Leo Kottke

Put plain and simple, guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke is a national treasure — a dazzling instrumentalist with a sonorous voice, whose commitment to his craft jump-started a re-appreciation of American acoustic guitar music. In four decades of touring and recording he has created an entirely new language for the 6 and 12-string guitars.

Leo Kottke in Concert
Saturday, May 21, 2011, 7:30pm
McCurdy Pavilion
Fort Worden State Park

Purchase tickets online, or call 800-746-1982.

Kottke, who usually performs solo, is also in great demand by other musicians. He has collaborated on recordings with Los Lobos, Emmylou Harris, Rickie Lee Jones, and Lyle Lovett, to name a few. His music, while difficult to categorize, is a wonder to hear. His sound is a natural bridge between folk, jazz, classical, country and blues, played with a level of skill that is truly off the chart. One critic noted that Kottke “is so good he doesn’t need a band…. the man’s right hand should be preserved for science.” Whether he is playing a propulsive, juke joint number that inspires audiences to dance in the aisles, or a Beethoven-like fugue that evokes a melodic dream space for his listeners, Kottke’s acoustic guitar and baritone voice make it clear why this performer was nominated for a Grammy, and why audiences in the U.S., Australia, and Europe continue to fill concert halls to see the man do what he does best… perform live on stage.

Kottke is also a gifted monologist. His between-song ramblings are a mixture of free association, absurdist commentary and dry, Midwestern wit. His regular appearances on public radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion” have brought a nation of radio listeners within range of his loopy sense of humor, while at the same time demonstrating the unimagined musical possibilities for the acoustic guitar. Leo Kottke is indeed a true American original, a player whose mission is to make every night on stage “a great night for the guitar.”

National Public Radio recorded a performance online that showcases Leo Kottke’s special artistry, as well as his unique sense of humor.