Port Townsend Writers’ Conference Availability

Castle As we near the two-months-out date for the 2011 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, there are only three remaining ways to be a part of the gathering.

First, Cate Marvin’s poetry workshop has two spaces available, out of fourteen! Class description: Catemarvin“Duking It Out With Stubborn Poems: Re-envisioning Revision.” Our best poems are hard-won. Such poems often arrive to us at a point in our writing lives when we are technically unable to articulate the visions they demand of us, emotionally and formally. Such poems resist even our fiercest attempts to craft them into a final product. This workshop will tackle such “problem poems,” as learning how to re-approach the work we find most difficult to “finish” is an important lesson for any serious writer. Such an undertaking requires us to renegotiate the means by which we re-envision our work. Bring three different versions of a “problem poem,” by which I mean a poem that has vexed its writer for some time. The goal of this course is to provide the writer with direction in reimagining and ultimately achieving the completion of intellectually and emotionally ambitious poems. Register.

Second, National Book Award-winner Bob Shacochis has four spaces remaining in his creative nonfiction workshop. This workshop is a manuscript-revision workshop, limited to writers who are coming here Conversation1 engaged on a specific, advanced project.

And finally, third, our afternoon workshop-option is hot, hot, hot! Y’all must have heard about the great offerings from such writers as Marvin, Shacochis, Wendy Call, Susan Rich, Brian Christian (check him out on the Daily Show), Sam Ligon, Susan Landgraf, Midge Raymond, Gary Copeland Lilley, Sheila Bender, Kelli Russell Agodon, Michael Schein, and many, many, many, many more. We have more offerings than ever, so you can expect intimate class sizes and the intensive instruction and networking that you’ve come to expect. Learn more here.