First Impressions

The 38th annual Port Townsend Writers’ Conference happens in just over six weeks’ time! As part of your time here, if you want someone to look at your work, think about signing up for the First Impressions series with Elizabeth Thorpe. It’s free!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS, with Elizabeth Thorpe
(by appointment only)

While you’re here—whether as a workshop attendee or resident—you’ll be creating and/or revising significant amounts of work.

If you’d like a fellow writer and literary editor to look at your work in its raw or polished form and give you feedback, simply sign up for a conference time, and bring Elizabeth your writing!

You’ll talk about your goals for the piece(s) and she’ll bring more than ten years of editing experience at five small presses and various literary magazines to provide you with her impressions.

Elizabeth will look at: packets of poems, short bio pieces, novel synopses, grant/scholarship/application materials, short stories, essays, the beginnings of long stories or novels, tables of contents for collections, grocery lists—it’s all fair game here. Even if you just need some reassurance, à la Stuart Smalley (“you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you”), sign up for an open time on the bulletin board in the Schoolhouse Building and get some honest feedback. Space is limited. There are only two time slots per day: 10:30 am and 1 pm, so make sure to reserve your space.