Discover Pass News: Parking at the Fort as a Centrum Volunteer

Since the introduction of the Discover Pass to Fort Worden we’ve received many questions about how that pertains to Centrum Volunteers.  We’ve got great news!  Centrum Volunteers DO NOT NEED the Discover Pass at Centrum Events AS LONG AS THEY DO THE FOLLOWING:

-Upon arrival at Fort Worden, follow the signs leading you to the Centrum Volunteer Parking Lot.

-Park your car in this designated lot.  You do not need any hang-tag (yellow, purple, or otherwise).  As long as you are parked in this lot during a Centrum Event you will not be ticketed. 

It’s as easy as that!

You may have heard about the purple hang-tags that are being issued to certain Fort Worden volunteers for use during the hours that they are volunteering.  THESE DO NOT PERTAIN TO CENTRUM VOLUNTEERS.  Due to the nature of most of Centrum’s volunteer work and in an effort to streamline the parking process, Centrum Volunteers do not need hang-tags as long as they are parked in their designated lot.

And the news gets better!  Centrum is fortunate enough to have been granted exemption from the Discover Pass for its volunteers and ticket-holders through the 2012 season!