Centrum Artist Residency Performance: Kkocdooseh

(Kkocdooseh in performance)

The sights and sounds of traditional Korean culture will be on display on Saturday, November 26, when Kkocdooseh, a trio of performance artists in residence at Centrum, bring their unique music and dance to the Wheeler Theater on the campus of Fort Worden State Park.  The performance begins at 7:30 PM, and is open to the public FREE of charge.

Kkocdooseh, comprised of Kim Donghwan, Kim Namhee, and Kim Somin, have been in residence at Centrum since the beginning of November.  Their Wheeler Theater performance is the culmination of the residency, and will feature  an exhibition of the traditional art form, “yeonhee,” comprised of music, folk dance, and traditional shamanistic rituals, combined with modern interpretations.

Traditional Korean percussion instruments will be featured, including the kwenggwari (small gong), janggo (hourglass drum), buk (barrel drum), and jing (large gong). Harmony between the dance and the music is created through colorful rhythmic patterns and athletic footwork. The playing of instruments, together with the movement of hands and feet, is designed to create a triangular balance to reflect the Korean triangular landscape of mountain, field, and ocean.

The Centrum Residency program, founded in 1980, has welcomed hundreds of artists of all genres, and from all around the world.  In the meditative environment of Fort Worden State Park, artists have the space, time, and resources they need to create, recharge, and reflect.