Choro Returns to Centrum – April 11-15, 2012

(Jovino Santos Neto, Dudu Maia, Douglas Lora, Brian Rice, and Andy Connell from Choro 2011.  Photo by Luzia Grob dos Santos)

Choro returns to Centrum in April 2012, when Fort Worden State Park and the Wheeler Theater come alive with the rhythm and sound of this uniquely Brazilian art form.

Choro is a great way for both jazz and classically oriented musicians to meet on common ground. There are written charts with lovely and lively melodies accessible to any competent player. There’s also room for improvisation, and in a vein that’s a great way for classical musicians to expand their skills.

Many ethnomusicologists believe that the name Choro comes from the Portuguese verb chorar – that is, to weep or to cry. It often seems bright and happy on the surface, but if you dig, deeper you find a kind of sadness, a longing that the Brazilians call saudade. When joined with its African influences, Choro has an irresistible groove and rhythmic momentum that is uniquely Brazilian.

The 2012 workshop (April 11-15) will include daily rehearsals and coaching combined with instrumental master classes, plus film and audio sessions of Choro innovators and masters. Participants attend group sessions as well as playing in ensembles. The workshop is open to all instruments (hand percussion, rather than drum set), but enrollment is limited to ensure an intimate experience.

The 2012 Choro intensive also includes a performance in Wheeler Theater on Saturday, April 14, featuring faculty from the workshop.

Registration opens in late November – Stay tuned for more information about faculty and schedules, as it becomes available.