Intocável – Hermeto Pascoal’s Original Take On Choro

This post refers to a completed concert. Visit for information on the current year’s offerings.

This delightful performance of Intocável by the great Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal was recorded during Centrum’s 2011 Choro workshop last April.

Jovino Santos Neto, Pascoal’s pianist and protégé for 15 years, is joined by Andy Connell on clarinet and Brian Rice on pandeiro. Intocável is a great example of how a current composer can adopt the traditional Choro style and infuse it with original elements. Pascoal is known for his adventuresome harmonies, with chord progressions that move boldly to distant places, yet somehow sound as if they’re merely on a pleasant stroll.

Jovino and Andy make it sound easy, and Brian’s light touch on the pandeiro adds the perfectly understated rhythmic vitality that is a hallmark of the Choro style.

Jovino and Andy will return for the 2012 workshop April 11-15, joined by Dudu Maia, Alexandre Lora and Henrique Neto.