Lauren Sheehan In The Library Of Congress

Lauren Sheehan


Thanks to the efforts of some amazing traditional music supporters in Seattle, Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival favorite Lauren Sheehan is in the Library of Congress.

Northwest News Network reporter Tom Banse recently interviewed Lauren about her work, and the work of Dyann and Rick Arthur – the couple that have been working hard to boost the representation of women in the traditional music scene through their “MusicBox Project.”

Lauren’s reaction to being in the Library Of Congress:

“It’s unbelievable … I am only a little drop in the bucket of oral tradition, but I am a drop in the bucket and wonderful players have passed stuff on to me who have now died. All this being in the Library of Congress is so cool because other people can hear that.”

Listen to/download the story below, or read a transcript of the story.

–>Lauren Sheehan/MusicBox Project (.mp3)