Courtney Granger Sings in French, English at Voice Works

I first met Courtney as a slim 16-year-old playing bass with Dirk Powell, Christine Balfa, and the Balfa Toujours. Dirk told me "You gotta hear this guy sing!" and he was right, I had to get out of the way. In recent years Courtney has added a VERY soulful country repertoire to his canon, but he came up a Cajun, loving the music he heard from his family and community around Eunice.

Here's a video of Courtney singing an Aldus Roger tune, Fais Attention, on a gig with Ray Abshire (who'll be coming to Fiddle Tunes this year). Courtney also plays a gorgeous twin fiddle break with Kevin Wimmer on this one.


Courtney will be teaching both Cajun singing and country singing at Voice Works this June.