Explorations is almost here! Get Ready

Welcome to Centrum’s Explorations program for middle school students! Things are looking great for our week ahead, and we are looking forward to meeting all of you.

Here is some essential information to make your preparations go smoothly:

HOUSING: The dormitory is a historic building at Fort Worden. It has a combination of single and double rooms, with the majority of rooms being single. Students will have a key for their room. We don’t advise bringing valuables such as computers.
Bedding and towels are provided. We recommend bringing an extra blanket.
In Dorm 225, there are separate male wings and female wings. Upstairs there are two big common rooms where everyone can hang out together. We have a great dorm staff to help make the residential experience a good one.

  • Please remember to bring pens, pencils and notebooks to write with during the week. These will be useful for all of your classes.
  • A water bottle is essential.
  • If you are bashful, bring a bathing suit to shower in. The showers in Dorm 225 are individual stalls with curtains. There is some privacy.

Check-in is between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, March 4, at Dorm 225 at Fort Worden State Park. If you have questions about your travel plans or arrival time, please get in touch.  We will be waiting for you on the front porch, which faces the parade grounds.
Driving directions are available on our website, https://centrum.org/admin/2007/03/map_directions.html
We will be in the dining hall at the Fort Worden Commons beginning at 5:45 p.m. If you need to get in touch with me on Sunday for any reason, it is best to call my cell phone: (360) 301-1494.

Parents, guardians, relatives: We invite you to join us for the final presentations of your student’s work on Thursday evening, March 8 at 7:00 pm. at the Wheeler Theater, here at Fort Worden State Park. These presentations are always a highlight of the week.

The week ends at 11:00am on Friday, March 9.  Please make arrangements to pick up your child between 10:30 and 11am, at Dorm 225. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Martha Worthley, program manager at (360) 385-3102 ext 120 or mworthley@centrum.org. We look forward to a wonderful week!

With regards,


  • An extra blanket (it can be cold)
  • Warm clothes & rain protection (including a warm jacket)
  • Clothes you can get messy in (paint, etc.) & move in (theater, dance)
  • Soap & shampoo
  • Day Pack
  • Water bottle or canteen
  • Hat
  • An alarm clock
  • Flashlight
  • Spiral notebook or journal
  • Pens, pencils and erasers


  • Camera
  • Instruments
  • Phone-calling card or change: pay phones are available in the Commons. It is OK for students to bring cell phones, but please note that coverage is limited at Fort Worden, depending on the provider. Cell phones are not allowed during workshop time.
  • Quarters and soap (To do laundry)
  • Healthy snacks (Centrum provides three meals a day, as well as light evening and afternoon snacks. Students are welcome to bring additional snacks, however we strongly discourage sending children to Centrum with large amounts of sugary snacks).
  • NOTE: Linens are provided in the dormitory, including, pillows, sheets, blankets and towels.
  • Please go through this list carefully, and call if you have any questions. Providing extra care in helping your child prepare for the week will enhance his/her experience greatly. Thank you for your help!