Guy Davis, Corey Harris and True Blues

Former PT Blues Artistic Director Corey Harris has a great looking project underway, featuring some past and current workshop faculty. He’s looking for a bit of help – if you like this and wish to support it, the deadline is March 30. Here’s a letter from Corey:

“Dear Centrum community,

Together with filmmaker Daniel Patinkin, I am producing a very important project called TRUE BLUES.  You may remember Daniel as the man who shot and edited a festival video for us last year (click here to view video).  Daniel and I are now asking for the support of our friends at Centrum.

TRUE BLUES is a celebration of the contemporary performers of traditional acoustic blues. The project includes a documentary, concert tour, and a CD release.  It will chronicle the extraordinary music and lives of various present-day virtuosos and explore the living culture of the blues. TRUE BLUES will be a unique source of entertainment and inspiration for the millions of blues disciples around the world, as well as for the millions more who have yet to become anointed.

The project features the following living legends:

You can view more details and a special PREVIEW VIDEO here.

We have raised some of the financing for this project, but we still need more support.  We are currently recruiting donors, investors, and sponsors for the project, and we hope that you will assist us in these efforts.

Donors of as little as $7 can make contributions via our IndieGoGo website. There are great perks for donors at every level.  Moreover, if you, or anyone you know, would like to make a more significant contribution to the project, please contact us directly.

We are kicking off the project with an April 22, 2012 gala performance at the newly renovated Howard Theater in Washington, DC.  We will be filming the project for the documentary, and plan to release the recording as a live concert DVD and live concert CD.  All of you, of course, are invited to this event.

Please spread the word!  Thank you for your consideration and for your continued support of the Blues.


Corey Harris”