Register for Choro at Centrum

This post refers to a previous Centrum workshop. For current Choro programs at Centrum, please visit

A limited number of registrations are still available for Centrum’s Choro workshop, taking place at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA, April 11-15, 2012.

Dudu Maia (bandolim), Alexandre Lora (pandeiro), Jovino Santos Neto (flute,piano, accordion, etc), Henrique Neto (7 string guitar), and Andy Connell (clarinet) will be hosting the 4 day intensive.

This is the largest choro workshop in the US, and the only one that caters to ensemble style instruction and performance. The gathering is structured and attentive to the different levels of players that participate.

A highlight of the gathering are the evening jams, which are inclusive of all levels of players and often include the instructors.

Musician and Centrum donor Al Bergstein has two scholarships that he is sponsoring this year, in honor of his late parents. Please contact Greg Miller at Centrum (360-385-3102) if you would like information on these scholarships.

Both classical and jazz musicians will feel comfortable in this workshop, and will enjoy expanding their skills through this style. You should be proficient on your instrument (i.e. comfortable with the mechanics of playing). There will be participants of different backgrounds and abilities and we’ll be sure to match you up. We break the ensembles into various abilities.

View performances from the 2011 workshop at our Choro site, or view some terrific student performances at (second page for student performances).