Shortcut to Water World Information

Centrum uses an online database called CVENT to register all the people who come to our programs. Even if you send in your registration on paper in the mail, it winds up in the digital world. We rely on having a correct email address as the means to reach our participants and their parents.

If you go to the page that comes up when you hit Register Online for Water World from our Register link on the Centrum website, you will see an event summary that tells you the dates and time of the program. It gives a short description of the activities at Water World. There are also tabs for “What to Bring” and “Chaperone Information,” and a “Student Contract” tab.

If you want to make a payment or find out what your balance due is, all you have to do is click the “Already Registered” link. The page that comes up asks for your name and your CONFIRMATION number. This number was emailed to you when you registered. The email says “Save this Email!”

I hope this helps you to navigate the system,