Families at Voice Works – “O’Brien Party of Seven”

Family bands have had a long, storied, and critical tradition in bluegrass and country music, from the Carter Family right on up to the families of Mollie and Tim O’Brien. O’Brien Party of 7 brings together the families of those talented siblings, Mollie and Rich’s daughters Brigid and Lucy, and Tim’s sons Jackson and Joel. They’ve just released their first recording, and it’s a killer – a tribute to Roger Miller, a sort of dorky genius who had a pile of hit recordings, despite himself. Pedro says: get this record.

And just so you know – there’s a fair number of families coming to Voice Works this year, including at least two complete family bands.

But the O’Brien families are creating their own legacy – please listen to Mollie’s daughter Lucy murder you on this Miller number that I’ve always associated with George Jones. And sort of accidentally, Lucy and Brigid will be at the Voice Works workshop in June.

05 Tall Tall Trees remix

                                                                                                      Peter McCracken