Poet Jim Bertolino

Yes, the rumors are true. Poet Jim Bertolino, who taught for years at Western Washington University, will be leading a special one-day-only class on July 9.

• Jim Bertolino Room M
“Contrary Impulses: A Poetry-Writing Workshop”
In this class, searching for the heart of the post-modern poem, you will develop a list of key words and images, as well as a list of words and images that are contrary to the first list. Then you’ll utilize items from both categories. This approach can produce surprisingly insightful poems, and you will have the opportunity to draft three during the workshop.

Jim Bertolino’s twenty-fifth collection of poetry, “Finding Water, Holding Stone”, was released in 2009 by Cherry Grove Collections. He has won a number of national poetry competitions, including the Discovery Award, and has taught poetry writing from Cornell University to the North Cascades Institute. Now retired, he lives outside Bellingham.

This class is happening as part of the PTWC afternoon workshop series, featuring an incredible array of choices from the best writing teachers in the world.

Cost is $50 per class. These workshops are free to those who are registered for a core morning workshop.