Cameron Fegers – Valedictorian and Jazz Port Townsend Alum

Cameron Fegers

We’re pleased to pass along word that Jazz Port Townsend alum Cameron Fegers of Fort Lauderdale, FL recently graduated as Valedictorian from Dillard Center for the Arts High School. He’s returning to Jazz Port Townsend this year, before heading to Columbia University in the fall.

A talented trombonist, Cameron’s awards include: Grammy Camp Jazz Session Finalist, Jazz Band of America Alternate Trombonist, All State Jazz Band Lead Trombone, All State Concert Band, All State Middle School Concert Band, All Broward County Jazz Band, All Broward County Concert Band, All Broward County Orchestra, Jeanette M. Russell Jazz Scholarship Award, 1st Place 2011 and 2012 Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Competition and Festival at Lincoln Center, New York.

We recently caught up with Cameron, who gives some great advice for participants in the Jazz Port Townsend workshops.

How did you get started in jazz?
I was first exposed to jazz through my high school band director, Mr. Christopher Dorsey. He was my first ever private instructor and he took me under his wing, developing me as a disciplined individual prior to introducing me to the culture of jazz.

What are your plans at Columbia?
At Columbia, I intend to study privately with my trombone teacher and allow the environment of the city to help to cultivate me into a more open-minded soul. Academically, I plan on being involved in a rigorous and expansive curriculum so I can take my experiences in different subject matters and build off of them socially and musically.

What have you been listening to lately?
I’ve really been checking out a lot of Michael Dease, Hank Mobley, Dennis Rollins, as well as Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

What advice would you have for a first timer at the Jazz Port Townsend workshop?
Write things down! You’d be surprised how much you want to practice some of the stuff that the pros went over with you but you can’t exactly remember the details pertaining to their instruction. Also, take advantage of the shuttles to Port Townsend — video games and cards are fun to play, but Centrum is a rare opportunity to experience incomparable concerts and workshops, and you can never be sure that you will attend again. Soak it all in!