Mr. Milton Vanicor Comes to Fiddle Tunes

Mr. Milton Vanicor, who played fiddle on some of Iry LeJeune’s classic recordings (including Lacassine Special, Calcasieu Waltz, etc) will be coming to Fiddle Tunes!

The Laccasine Playboys were headed by Iry LeJeune, who brought the accordion back to prominence after the war (the strings bands, with Western Swing influence, were the most popular before that). Iry’s son Eddie came to fiddle tunes in the 90s.

We have been working on this all year and are delighted that it’s going to happen. Participants will enjoy playing music with Mr. Milton and he will be in demand as a dance partner, too. At nearly 94 years old, he is still full of good energy, wisdom and kindness.

It is very  inspiring to be around him because he is still active, engaged, and ready for new experiences.