Samantha Rund: Among The Shadows

Samantha RundThis year at our middle school Explorations workshop, actress Samantha Rund is teaching the theater class.

Currently working in Los Angeles, Samantha has a lot of irons in the fire. Check out her latest project with Seraph Films-a horror movie called “Among the Shadows.”

Among the Shadows is the story of Ariel, a young woman haunted by dreams from her childhood. Lately, visions of the Shadow Man, a creature from past nightmares, have returned to torment her again.

As her sleep-deprivation grows, so does her fear and paranoia. But, after a chance meeting with a mystical bookshop owner, she learns the answers that might defeat her otherworldly foe.

As she prepares for a showdown with a demon that may or not be real, Ariel finds out just how blurry the line is between dreams and reality.