Speaking Out Loud

Journey to Journey

Director and choreographer Nicco Annan works with youth in New York City in a cool program produced by Urban Word NYC and New York Live Arts. Nicco is coming to Centrum in March to teach at our middle school Explorations workshop.

Called “Journey to Journey,” students submit examples of their writing and audition for one of the five feature roles and two apprentice spots. After working with Nicco on their writing and spoken word delivery, the program culminates in a fully produced showcase performance of new solo works created by young poets.

“These works navigate a path through their individual sense of humor, hurt, hope, or fantasy on a journey towards self,” says Nicco. “The art of slam poetry and spoken word all starts with your pen and is taken to the microphone while you share with an audience that wants to hear what you have to say. Life is full of moments that will carry you as far and deep as you are willing to go,” he adds.