Vocalist René Marie on Finding Your Voice


Vocalist René Marie, who incorporates elements of jazz, soul, blues, and gospel into her work, has quickly become a heroine to many: a woman of great strength, exuding stamina and compassion. René is on the 2013 faculty for Jazz Port Townsend.

Marie often talks about how she found herself through singing, and since the release of her recording debut, Renaissance, she has evolved into one of the most intriguing and sensuous vocalists of our time.

In this performance of “When You’re Smiling,” Marie demonstrates how well a singer can sing without backup instrumentation.

Many artists go through a transformative journey to find their art and their voice. Rene Marie is no exception, and her journey has had both private and public elements to it. In this interview with Bruce Cowther, she discusses how her own process of discovery and learning lead to the realization of her own unique voice.