Centrum Scholarship, Fellowship and Endowment Funds

Centrum’s TV Special and Fund-a-Dream Scholarship Challenge – Now until Thursday, June 2nd, 2022!

Centrum invites you to help support its scholarship fund so that everyone, regardless of financial ability, has the chance to participate in creative, life-changing programs. In conjunction with Centrum’s TV debut on Seattle NBC affiliate KING 5’s Evening, there is a special challenge on the table! Generous donors have put up $50,000 to support participant scholarships, and if we raise the other $50,000 by June 2nd, $100,000 or more will be available to make sure people from all walks of life are able be a part of Centrum’s unique programs. Every dollar makes a difference! Learn more and make a donation to this fund here!


Centrum envisions a future where anyone from anywhere can nurture their creativity in an environment that is supportive, challenging and uplifting – building a world of greater inclusion through the arts.

Centrum recognizes the value of supporting artists and of honoring individuals and communities who brought or bring exceptional light to the world, by celebrating them through a scholarship or fellowship fund and using that fund to support new artists’ participation in a creative workshop.

TO DONATE to a specific fund on the Centrum donate online webpage, under the “Gift Purpose” drop down menu, beneath the heading Fellowships, Scholarships or Endowments, select the fund that resonates with your heart, and thank you from the bottom of ours.


  • General Scholarship Fund
    • allocated across programs
  • Jazz Diversity Fund
    • in 2005 Artistic Director for Jazz Port Townsend, John Clayton noticed there were no students of color at the workshop. An initiative for outreach across the nation began and in 2006, the first immediately successful campaign launched not only diversity but enrichment for all at the workshop. Donations to this fund support students of color noted for their musicianship and humanity, to attend Jazz Port Townsend. Various levels of support are available – tuition, room and board, travel, depending on need.
  • Blues Diversity Fund
    • to Artistic Director of Port Townsend Acoustic Blues, Jontavious Willis, Blues diversity is Global Blues. In his travels he’s met passion across the globe. This fund supports musicians from anywhere on earth who are passionate about and resonate with Blues music, art, life and culture. Musicians who pick up what they can and travel seeking for more Blues, its roots, its branches, it’s leaves. Blues travelers from diverse places across the state, country and globe.
  • Blues Rhapsody Project Fund
    • in partnership with the Rhapsody Project in Seattle’s Columbia City, Centrum provides a group of students each year the opportunity to study a range of instruments at “Blues Camp” in both informal and classroom settings. Students enjoy the nearby beach and hiking trails, witness live concerts each evening presented by the faculty, eat healthy food at the dining hall, while celebrating the living tradition of acoustic blues music with musicians who live it.
  • Dave Galanin “Play it Good” Blues Fund
    • a Tlingit Silver Carver from Southeast Alaska, Dave Galanin also had a passion for playing acoustic Blues and used the stage name “Strummin Dog”. Dave started attending the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues workshop 25 years ago, around its inception. Flanked by good pals Dave was a foundational member of late-night jams, known to be first in, and last out. This scholarship fund in his name seeks to support tuition plus room and board for a Native American or person of color with a strong spirit of community and playing with others. One who without hesitation, jumps in to “Play it Good”.
  •  Elora Jane Blues Fund
    • a light who shone so brightly Elora Jane reflected not only her own radiance, but that of those around her. Her unquestioning confidence in others ability to express themselves wholly and completely, opened a portal around her, the shy stepped in, and stepped out more confident. This was her giving, but her gift was her songbird voice that resonated like a siren belting out from deep within her honest, raw, loving, caring being. Truth on wing. This scholarship fund in her name seeks to support tuition plus room and board for a person 32 years or younger who shines their light on those around them.


  • Writers Diversity Fellowship


  • General Endowment Fund
    • to another 50 years!


TO DONATE to a specific fund on the Centrum donate online webpage, under the “Gift Purpose” drop down menu, beneath the heading Fellowships, Scholarships or Endowments, select the fund.