2023 Acoustic Blues Workshop Schedule


(Subject to change)

MONDAY July 31, 2023
· Check-in 4:00PM Pacific Time
· Dinner 6:00PM Pacific Time
· Orientation: 8:00PM Pacific Time

TUESDAY August 1 through FRIDAY August 4, 2023
Most artist faculty will teach two 1-hour instrument sessions daily Tuesday through Friday. Sessions in various styles and technique and focus on certain tradition bearers are offered. Instrumentation includes guitar, harmonica, piano, mandolin, violin, bass, washboard, voice and accordion are offered as improv, ensembles and a Gospel Choir that gathers late afternoons. Evenings include events and performances and planned and spontaneous jams.

At the end of the week, the artist faculty take to the stages and share in performance a festive celebration of the traditions they carry as well as their own music and style. Friday and Saturday nights, Blues in the Clubs series hosts a variety of intimate stages, where each artist gifts their audience with a unique performance. We’ll host a show or two in McCurdy Pavilion, a former blimp hanger turned performance space, break bread together and have a really good time basking in and soaking up the traditions passed along at the gathering.

We offer participation in the gospel choir only that Includes admission to the gospel class Tuesday through Friday and all evenings in Building 204, Tuesday through Saturday. The gospel choir will perform at the mainstage on Saturday afternoon, tuition includes attendance to that concert. It does not include Blues in the Clubs, or the Wednesday public event.

Gospel Choir is available for youth however, anyone under the age of 18 must attend with a registered participant or registered chaperone over the age of 21.

All registered Acoustic Blues participants can participate in the Gospel Choir at no additional fee.


The online offering will include some instrument sessions, and the afternoon panel presentations.