Crackin’ the Vault

Crackin' the Vault podcast from Centrum

Crackin’ the Vault
An exploration of the Centrum archives

Crackin’ the Vault, a new radio show on KPTZ 91.9FM Port Townsend, features musical nuggets from the last five decades of Centrum programming, including Country Blues, Fiddle Tunes, Voice Works, Slide and Steel, and one-time shows from the 90s. More than 55 National Heritage Fellows have participated in Centrum programming, and we’ll be broadcasting some of their finest performances. Hosted by Peter McCracken.







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Episode 44: Remembering John Dee Holeman, and John Hartford

Episode 43: Best and Weirdest Gigs

Episode 42: Run the Entire River, the Mighty Mississippi

Episode 41: Mariachi with Don Esteban Hernandez

Episode 40: Musicians from Port Townsend

Episode 39: Accordions Rule!

Episode 38: The First Fiddle Tunes 1977

Episode 37: Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Episode 36: Denmark Makes Me Happy

Episode 35: The Gu-Achi Fiddlers, and Manmay Lakay

Episode 34: Singers of Note

Episode 33: Every Month is Black History Month

Episode 32: New Mexican Fiddlers and Players

Episode 31: Honoring Pedro Dimas

Episode 30: Voice Works 2015 and a Chat with The Bobs

Episode 29: Voice Works 2015 and a Chat with Cathy Jordan

Episode 28: Remebering John Morton

Episode 27: Songs About Drinking

Episode 26: Unusual Christmas Music

Episode 25: Klezmer Music

Episode 24: Dance Music from Quebec

Episode 23: Gospel Music at Centrum

Episode 22: 1988 Fiddle Tunes Choice Cuts

Episode 21: The 1994 Port Townsend Country Blues Festival Part 2

Episode 20: The 1994 Port Townsend Country Blues Festival

Episode 19: The Horse Flies, and other gems from 1987

Episode 18: Fiddle Tunes Tour Radio Show

Episode 17: Bluegrass at Fort Worden

Episode 16: Guitar Music at Fort Worden

Episode 15: Dance Music From the North – Magdalen Islands and Newfoundland

Episode 14: Creole Music

Episode 13: Metis Fiddlers, and a conversation with Jamie Fox

Episode 12: The Small but Mighty Ukulele: Is There Anything it Can’t Do?

Episode 11: Cajun Women and the Daiquiri Queens’ search for Dale Dugas

Episode 10: Brazilian music, including Choro and much more

Episode 9: Mexican fiddlers from Michoacán

Episode 8: The first Port Townsend Country Blues workshop

Episode 7: Highlights from the Slide and Steel workshop in 2006

Episode 6: Axes of Evil – accordions, bagpipes, and banjos at Centrum

Episode 5: Duets and other singers of note

Episode 4: Twin fiddling from across the musical spectrum

Episode 3: Joe and Odell Thompson, Black string band duo

Episode 2: In support of the Black Lives Matter movement

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