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Scholarship Fund News, Podcasts and Ukes Online!

Scholarship Fund News, Podcasts and Ukes Online!

CENTRUM SCHOLARSIP FUND CAMPAIGN EVENT On Monday, August 31st, in Port Townsend, 1 mad dog and 3 English people will take part in a relay triathlon to raise funds for the Centrum Scholarship Fund. Thanks to your generous support we have already passed $10,000 and are well on our way to our goal of $50,000

Fending off the Blues with Gusto!

Last Friday’s edition (August 7) of  KPTZ’s “Crackin’ the Vault” hosted by Peter McCracken, featured Mexican violin virtuoso and composer, the “Paganini of the Hotlands” Don Juan Reynoso, who first came to teach and perform at Fiddle Tunes in 1997 at the age of 85.  Mesmerizing and impossible to sit still to, Don Juan’s passion,

Missing Jazz

I’d like to start with reflections from Gregg Miller, Centrum’s Program Manager for Jazz (Choro and Chamber Music).  The multi-talented program manager/construction worker (I could go on) has been instrumental – pun TOTALLY  intended – in the renovation of Centrum buildings over the past few months, in between his musical managerial duties.  Gregg was happy

The Movable Fence

July 4th came and went, and was, as Aislinn Palmer, Fort Worden’s operations executive assistant, had hoped “gloriously the same and startlingly different”.  Centrum provided several volunteers to help out at this year’s (non) event which bolstered the Fort’s skeleton staff and was much appreciated as always.  Although the fiddlers-under-every-tree, fireworks and tug-of-war were all

Jacqueline’s new venture & online FiddleTunes

For those of you used to seeing Jacqueline Mention from the sales side of Centrum’s box office window, here she is today infront of her own store front window!  In October, Jacqueline became the new owner of Potpourri Northwest Interiors putting her own stamp on it, and renaming her store “Biquette” which was her father’s

Appreciating Volunteers

I never feel we tell our volunteers how appreciated they are. Before each public performance while I’m busying away, I become aware of an assemblage of black and white-clad volunteers materializing, right on time, eager to help out, taking up their positions and hopefully ready to enjoy the performance.  It’s amazing how creative and stylish