Background Checks for Employment

Thank you for the creative spirit, skill, and expertise that you bring to Centrum’s mission and programs. You help us meet our commitment to providing the best artistic experience we can for our participants and instructors and we look forward to welcoming you on our campus.

As a multi-generational arts education organization, Centrum is committed to best practices to assure everyone’s comfort and safety while in our programs. As such, we ask all faculty members to assent to a routine background check as a condition of employment. This is important. We place your care, and that of our participants, at a premium. For 45+ years, our reputation has been built on providing a safe environment in which to maximize learning.

Centrum requests background information from a consumer reporting agency (background check provider). With your permission, this information will be obtained in the form of a consumer report (commonly known as “background reports”).

For the purpose of full disclosure, including specific rights afforded to you through various state laws, please review the following:

Questions?  Please call our Human Resources staff at (360) 385-3102 x121, or by e-mail.


Centrum Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and encourages any qualified applicant to apply. Centrum also requires all employees to pass a background check.