Centrum Residency Application Form

Applications are accepted year around, and are scheduled on a space available basis.

Residency Length: minimum one week, no maximum

Residency Fees: $400 per week for a 1-3 bedroom cabin or apartment.

Additional Studio fees: $50-75 per week. Fees based on size of available studio.

  • Residency Dates Requested

    Due to Centrum workshop and programming needs there are some blackout dates each year. There is limited availability in June and August. July is not available for Residency.
  • In PDF format (60MB file size max), please upload a residency application packet containing:
    *Residency project proposal
    *Current biography
    *Artist statement
    *Work sample(s), preferably via email or internet link
    *Website or other internet links (if available)
    *A high definition photo (if available)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.