Fiddle Tunes 2023 FAQ

What does it cost?

Adult and U-18 tuition includes admission to everything – workshops, in-house and public concerts, dances, and jams.

Adult tuition: $610 

Under-18 tuition: $300

Teen Track tuition: $100
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Kids Track tuition: $50
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Guardian tuition: $0
This is a no-cost registration type for a parent or adult guardian who does not play music but wishes to provide opportunities for their kids. Youth under the age of 18 are required to attend with a registered adult (unless they live locally) – the Guardian option makes this possible and affordable. Guardians do not participate in the workshop, rather, they supervise and support their U18 participant. To register: the Guardian registers first, choosing room and/or board if desired. Then the youth registers, entering the Guardian’s confirmation number in the process.

Cancellation policy:
A deposit of $300 is due upon registration, $50 of which is non-refundable.
Any fee that includes a room: no refunds are available after May 30, 2023.
Tuition, meals only, shuttle: no refunds are available after June 5, 2023.


If you think you might need financial assistance, Centrum has a robust scholarship program. Apply online as you register. Please note that except in rare cases, scholarships are available for tuition only. Centrum requires a $100 deposit of scholarship applicants, which is fully refundable before May 30 if you are unable to attend.

If you are interested in volunteering, or a work trade position, please contact Peter McCracken: peter@centrum (dot) org

Room and Board at Fort Worden

Most participants stay in private dormitory rooms at Fort Worden. You may reserve a dorm room with no meal ticket (there is a limited number of this option). There are a limited number of double rooms, that is, rooms with two beds. If you’d like to stay in a double, please request one and list another registered participant who has signed up for room and board in order to share that room – first come, first served. All rooms come with linens, blankets, and towels, but you should plan on bringing soap and personal toiletry items.

All meals are served at the Fort Worden Commons. The first meal is dinner on July 3; the last meal is breakfast on July 9.

Room and Board Fees:

  • Private Room only: $355
  • All meals: $345
  • Lunches only (5): $95

Other Housing Options

Camp sites and RV spaces are available at Fort Worden, but they tend to fill quickly. Reservations are not made through Centrum, rather, Washington State Parks. To reserve a campsite, visit

There’s also camping available one half mile from Fort Worden:  Mule Barn Camp

For accommodations in town, visit

Other Food Options at Fort Worden

Reveille Cafe – breakfast and lunch, coffee, pastries and dessert
Taps at the Guardhouse – regional spirits, artisanal bites (should be open by summer)
Cablehouse Canteen – snack shack on the beach
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How do I get to Fort Worden?

Centrum operates a summer shuttle from SeaTac airport to Fort Worden. You can sign up during registration. 2023 Shuttle Guide information is coming soon.

What can I buy in Port Townsend?

Within two miles of Fort Worden, you can get to the post office, a music store, a health food store, a pharmacy, 20 restaurants, gas stations, banks, and several coffee shops.

What should I bring with me?

Good masks, warm clothes (think: layers), as the weather can be cool and windy; your instrument, a hat, and sunscreen. Also bring picks, extra strings, alarm clock, music recording device and plenty of extra batteries and media, a flashlight, coffee cup, tea bags, camera, snack food, and a reusable water bottle.

Internet access

The internet is available campus-wide at Fort Worden.