FOR WRITERS: Practicing Our Craft

Each Friday at 10:am (online via Zoom)

Reading and Writing Community 


This is a free discussion and writing group offered weekly from January 7th, 2022 through October 28th, 2022 (with no workshops in July). Each week, we gather to discuss books that broaden our understanding of our craft, and we set aside dedicated time for focused writing.

We are a dynamic community that supports life-long learning in inclusive, engaged and respectful spaces available for all writers at all levels. We are dedicated to deprivileging the art of writing, and to widening the opportunities for writers to learn from each other. The goal of this workshop is to help us grow to be better writers, readers and listeners through the practice of reading, writing and discussion. Typical topic discussions include craft elements such as: syntax, diction, word choice, detail, structure, plot, setting, character, voice, tone, atmosphere, mood, theme, language, culture, identity, literary theory, etc. 

What this workshop isn’t: it isn’t a revision workshop. We won’t be workshopping anyone writing or offering critical feedback. Instead, this is a supportive place to help you build your practice and grow as a writer.

You are expected to source your books -either by purchasing them or by borrowing them from the library, etc. As always, we encourage you to support independent booksellers whenever you can.


The first Friday of every month is set aside as a “Writers Happy Hour and Open Mic.” We’ll share our writing with each other and the greater Centrum alum community. It’s a time for us to connect and get to know each other better so that we can feel comfortable speaking up and sharing space.  

The rest of the month will be dedicated to discussing our selected craft book and taking time to write. Please come prepared having read the selection of the book and with your dedicated writing tools (be that paper and pencil or laptop).

We meet online (via Zoom) at 10:am on Friday mornings.



JANUARY: Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Jan 7th: Open Mic

Jan 14th: Read to pg 66 (Syntax)

Jan 21th: pgs 67-119 (A Little Sweet)

Jan 28th: pgs 120-195 (Afterword)

FEBRUARY: Steering the Craft by Ursula Le Guin

Feb 4th: Open Mic

Feb 11th: Read to pg 42 (Chapter 5. Adjectives and Adverbs)

Feb 18th: pgs 43-86 (Chapter 8. Changing Point of View)

Feb 25th: pgs 87- 126 (Appendix)

MARCH: Appropriate A Provocation by Paisley Rekdal

Mar 4th: Open Mic

Mar 11th: Read to pg 57 (Letter Three)

Mar 18th: pgs 58-123 (Letter Five)

Mar 25th: pgs 124-end

APRIL AND MAY: Ordinary Genius by Kim Addonizio

Apr 1st Open Mic

Apr 8th: read to pg.77 (until Chapter 8: by heart a Shakespeare Sonnet)

Apr 15th: canceled

Apr 22nd: canceled

Apr 29th:

May 6th Open Mic

May 13th pgs 50-125

May 20th: pgs 125-200

May 27th (no class)

JUNE: Body Work by Melissa Febos

June 3rd: Open Mic

June 10th: Read to pg 59

June 17th: pg 59-103

June 24th Read pg 105 to end


JULY and AUGUST: Summer Intermission. Enjoy the Port Townsend Writers Conference! 


SEPTEMBER: Rules for the Dance by Mary Oliver

Sept 2nd: Open Mic

Sept 9th: Read to pg 59 (and reference the poems, which are collected in an anthology at end of book)Read to pg 73 (After Peter)

Sept 16th: pg 60-105 (reference poems)

September 23rd: Read Part Five: the Anthology of Poems (You’ll be rereading the poems and reflecting on the insights you’ve gained)

September 30th: No class

OCTOBER: On Writing by Stephen King 

Oct 7th: Open Mic

October 14th: Read to pg 101

October 21st: pgs 103-208

October 28th: pgs 208-288


Open Mics will continue on first Fridays. 

Happy holidays. Keep up the practice. See you in January.