Centrum Shuttle Vans

With generous support from the C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust, Centrum acquired five 12-passenger vans in 2015 to assist in connecting audiences and communities in the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsula regions to Centrum events and activities/festivals in our area.  Vans are available for day-use to qualifying non-profit organizations for a modest day-use fee.  Centrum manages an annual calendar for the use of the vehicles.  Please call our office at (360) 385-3102 for inquires or further information.


  1. Each van carries up to 11 passengers and one driver.  There is no special driver’s license required to drive these vehicles.  Please note that seats can be removed to make space for cargo or luggage.  Please indicate this need when making your inquiry.
  2. Plan ahead!  Reservations are encouraged no less than 2-weeks in advance of your use to assure that all required pre-approvals can be handled and documents reviewed.
  3. Organizations must provide your own drivers, each of whom must be pre-approved by Centrum’s insurance carrier.  This is a relatively quick process, which can be done on-line.
  4. You will need to submit a driver’s abstract for all drivers. Abstracts may be obtained online in less than 24-hours at this website.
  5. Organizations must also provide proof of two forms of insurance (standard to most business policies).  You must have no less than $1 million in “Hired Auto Liability” coverage for your organization and $40,000 (per van used) in “Hired Auto Physical Damage” coverage.  Often, you can add these coverages to an existing policy for the limited period of use of the vehicles for a nominal charge.  Please consult your insurance carrier for specific rates for your organization.
  6. The day-use fee for each vehicle is $200.
  7. A security deposit of $100 per vehicle and payment of 50% of your total use fee is required in advance of your use of the van/s.
  8. Users must return each vehicle with a full tank of fuel.  Your security deposit will be used to refill the fuel tank if the van is returned with less than a full tank.
  9. There are no smoking and no pets allowed in the vehicles except for service dogs.
  10. A representative will need to read, review, and sign Centrum’s Vehicle Reservation Form and, if approved for use, sign Centrum’s vehicle Agreement outlining the terms of use.
  11. Please call our office at (360) 385-3102 for inquires and further information.  Or e-mail us.
  12. To view the scale, specs, dimensions and interior of the vans, click here.