Port Townsend Ukefest – Class Handouts

Partial list of handouts:

Songwriting with Victoria Vox
Victoria Vox Songwriting Tools 2023


I’ll Be at the Barre – Victoria Vox
I’ll Be at the Barre


Introduction to Left Hand Movement – Victoria Vox
Ship Goes Down 2020 – Score



Get in the Groove – Victoria Vox


How to Become a Smooth Operator – Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G major – Daniel Ho
Bach Suite 1



Go For Baroque! Ensemble Class – Pachelbel’s Canon – Daniel Ho



Swing That Thing! – Adam Franklin (corrected 3/29)
Pennies From Heaven-uke chart
Killing Jive
Nobody’s Sweetheart Now


Bo’s Bananas! The Blues Style Of Bo Carter – Adam Franklin
Sorry Felling Blues
Twist It Babe
Banana In Your Fruit Basket
So Long Baby, So Long


Clawhammer Uke Workshop – Jere Canote
Clawhammer Uke


Canote  Brother’s Band – Jere and Greg Canote
Canote Brothers Songbook


The Artful Accompanist – Nikki Dee


Vocal F.I.T.-ness Workshop – Nikki Dee


Folk Baritone Fingerpicking – Aaron Keim
John Greer TwoStep
Woodpile Waltz


Western Swing and Cowboy Jazz – Aaron Keim
Sweet Jennie Lee
Take It Slow and Easy
Little Red Wagon


Slow Chord Melody: – Brook Adams
DGBE Baritone charts:
Never On Sunday_Baritone
Strangers In the Night_Baritone
Suspicious Minds_Baritone

GCEA Tenor charts:
Never On Sunday
Strangers In the Night
Suspicious Minds


California Dreamin’ – Brook Adams
DGBE Baritone charts:
California Dreamin_Baritone
Happy Together_Baritone
I Got Loaded_Baritone
Sweet Caroline_Baritone
Spanish Fandango_Baritone

GCEA Tenor charts:
California Dreamin
Happy Together
I Got Loaded
Spanish Fandango_Tenor
Sweet Caroline


Mississippi John Hurt for Ukulele – Del Rey
no handouts for this class.

Papa Charlie Jackson for C tuned Ukulele – Del Rey
no handouts for this class.


Introduction to 12-bar Blues – Daniel Ward
Blues UKE A dom7
Blues UKE maj min dom7
Blues Smartphone Blues


The Art and Ritual of Practice – Daniel Ward
Arpeggio Mediatation
Air Pudding
Yis Yia’s Lullaby
You’ll know when its right
End Game
Floating Loop
Holding Down the Groove
Melodic Meditation in C


Big Little Songs: Rounds and Lullabies – Heidi Swedberg
Oh How Lovely
Row Your Boat
Three Minor Rounds
Black Socks
ghost of john
Music Alone Shall Live
Caballito Blanco
Easy Pickins Uke workshop
Raisins and Almonds
Sleep Baby Sleep
All the Pretty Little Horses
Bye Low
Bye’M Bye


Sing Your Strings: Using your uke to find vocal harmonies – Heidi Swedberg
Sea Shanty Cape Cod Come-all
Sea Shanty Deep Blue
Freight Train Uke workshop
Lift Every Voice
NELSON’s Blood
Pay Me My Money Down Trad. Verses
we shall overcome


Introduction to Playing Smeck Chord Melodies – Rachel Manke


These Two P’s: – Rachel Manke
Patter Workshop Handout
Parody Workshop Handout