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A series of conversations and spotlights on Centrum residents, alumnx, and broader arts community.

Two side by side photos, left is Laura Medina looking up to the right, and right image is Azali Ansar Muhammad sitting on a couch and looking at the camera.

On A.I.R. Episode 19: Future Archives and Bringing it All to Life: Azali Ansar Muhammad and Laura Medina

On A.I.R. Episode 19: Future Archives and Bringing it All to Life: Azali Ansar Muhammad and Laura Medina

For the second installment of the 2021 Centrum Emerging Artist Residency conversations Azali Ansar Muhammad and Laura Medina share processes and backgrounds behind their current projects. They talk animation, working fluidly through mediums, and leveraging these methods to navigate hard subject matters while bringing joy and play into the work. Muhammad shares about their work

Left, image of Mel Carter working on installation in studio. Right image, Headshot of Woodrow Hunt looking at camera and smiling from behind laptop that with "Indian Land" sticker.

On A.I.R. Episode 18: Land Memory, Tattoos, and Liquid Spells – Woodrow Hunt and Mel Carter

Photos: Left: Mel Carter in studio, Right: Woodrow Hunt in studio – Photos by David Conklin In October 2021, six artists were juried into Centrum’s Emerging Artist Residency and received stipends, housing, and studio space for one month at Fort Worden State Park. Artists paired up towards the end of their residencies to chat with

On A.I.R. Episode 17: Brenda Chapman on Story Artistry, Disney, and Taking Time

In early 2021, Centrum hosted award-winning director, writer, and story artist, Brenda Chapman for a month-long residency. A few months later, Michelle Hagewood catches up with Chapman to revisit conversations started over that residency. Chapman reflects on the ups and downs of her long career at Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar and shares her early influences

On A.I.R. Episode 16: Queer Ecologies Part 4 with Jasmine Harvey

This is the final installment of the series put together by Centrum and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and July Hazard to ask “what is queer ecology?” of climate scientists, ecologists, choreographers, poets, and creatives who each share unique perspectives on how queer and trans identities can and do play important roles in shifting the way we think about the sciences and our relations with the

Crackin’ the Vault Ep. 44: Remembering John Dee Holeman, and John Hartford

Crackin’ the Vault An exploration of the Centrum archives Crackin’ the Vault, a new radio show on KPTZ 91.9FM Port Townsend, features musical nuggets from the last five decades of Centrum programming, including Country Blues, Fiddle Tunes, Voice Works, Slide and Steel, and one-time shows from the 90s. More than 55 National Heritage Fellows have