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Spring Residency Updates

There is no doubt that spring is here! As we welcome in the sun, the flowers, and vaccines, we are excited to bring you these opportunities to nurture your own creative needs. 2021 Emerging Artist Residency Deadline for Applications: APRIL 30 Do you know someone who has been building their momentum in the visual arts? Someone

December Residency News and Reflections

Photography by Atelier Pictures Dear friends, It’s been a minute since we sent out an update – although it’s not for lack of activity over here! As we close out this year, I am grateful to reflect on the people, stories, and experiences we’ve been able to witness through residencies and podcasts these past months.

On A.I.R. Episode 4: Everything is Art or Nothing is Art – manuel arturo abreu and Jaleesa Johnston

manuel arturo abreu and Jaleesa Johnston explore and compare notes about digital performance and Blackness, amorphousness and commitments to the ephemeral, and how they each deal with “untrustworthy archives” in their bodies and memories. They share experiences in navigating colonized art spaces and the ways that oversimplified receptions of their work impact their approaches. Both work fluidly among various mediums and disciplines and they discuss the ways that collaboration, Portland, and alternative art spaces have

four photo squares, top left, Natalie Goldberg at desk with paintbrush, Top right, Martha Worthley holding dog in front of flower bush, bottom left, painting by Natalie Goldberg, bottom right, painting by Martha Worthley

On A.I.R. Episode 3: You Write When You Write – Martha Worthley and Natalie Goldberg in Conversation

Former Residency and Youth Programs Manager Martha Worthley catches up with Natalie Goldberg, renowned author and Centrum Artist Resident alum. The two acquaintances reminisce about Goldberg’s first experience at Centrum, her writing and painting philosophies, Zen practice, living with cancer, and the importance of her teaching practice. Worthley shares her own experience of reading Natalie’s work as it relates to her artistic practice and her