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Listen to Voice Works Faculty Playlist on Spotify

Listen to Voice Works Faculty Playlist on Spotify

Voice Works Artistic Director Pharis Romero has assembled a faculty playlist on Spotify. She writes: “The singers! We’re loving getting to know the voices of this summer’s Voice Works faculty, and are so looking forward to digging into the knowledge and experiences of these incredible artists… Need to know how to yodel? Want to improvise

Pharis Romero Named Artistic Director for Voice Works

The Centrum community is thrilled to announce that Pharis Romero will be guiding the Voice Works workshop for the first time in 2018. Pharis is from Horsefly, BC, and has taught at the gathering nearly every year. We thought we’d ask her a few questions to see what she has up her sleeve for next

July 1: Voice Works Vintage Vocals Concert

The intimate Wheeler Theater is home to a rich celebration of Vintage Vocals on Saturday night, from Roots, to Jazz, and R&B, and beyond. The Vintage Vocals show presents 6 pairs of artists from Denmark, Canada, the American South, and the Pacific Northwest. Saturday’s performance is the final public concert for 2017’s Voice Works gathering. Saturday, July

June 30: Voice Works Honky Tonk Polka Dot Dance

The annual Voice Works Honky Tonk Polka Dot Dance is a tradition that one should not miss.  Join us at the USO Building at Fort Worden – and be sure to wear you’re Polka Dots! We’ll have a beer garden and a nice wooden dance floor! Friday, June 30, 2017 –  8pm USO Building, Fort Worden

Find Your Song at Voice Works

June 27 – July 2, 2017 Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA You’ll learn new songs, about your range, and how to find your key. Join us for Centrum’s latest gathering of singers! Voice Works is held at Fort Worden State Park, a venue unparalleled in beauty and facility. Expect four days and five

Pharis Romero wants to hear you sing at Voice Works

(Pictured above: From Left Indigo, Pharis, Sy and Jason. The Romeros stand in front of their newly re-built banjo shop. The previous shop burned in 2016.) Story and Photos by Bonnie Obremski “Singing is such a naked thing to do,” said Pharis Romero as she chopped onions for a soup beside Sy, her one-year-old son, who was