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Appreciating Volunteers

Appreciating Volunteers

I never feel we tell our volunteers how appreciated they are. Before each public performance while I’m busying away, I become aware of an assemblage of black and white-clad volunteers materializing, right on time, eager to help out, taking up their positions and hopefully ready to enjoy the performance.  It’s amazing how creative and stylish

Still Life with Rhododendrons & the same old normal

A fine line I hope you are still doing OK behind your fences. Since mid-March, terms such as Zoom, flatten the curve, social distancing, PPE, furlough, quarantine have become some of the newly-coined household words we hear, use & put into practice on a daily basis. The term “new normal” (another uninvited guest into mainstream

Red hot Strings Reminiscence

This is the part of the Centrum season when we’d usually be hearing syncopations of Hot Jazz swirled with a hint of Hawaiian Swing around the Fort Worden Campus, eagerly anticipating the culmination of the workshop’s efforts with a hopping concert at the majestic JFK building overlooking the Northern shores of Puget Sound.  Having  had

Happenings in the Broader Centrum Community

The latest updates in the broader Centrum community from Centrum’s Volunteer Coordinator Claire Africa. Weekly posts are featured in the Centrum Volunteer Blog. The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.  ~ Edwin Way Teale This week’s feature photo is an art card painted by local Port Townsend artist Linda

Happy Earth Week

Earth Day is being celebrated this year by a twitterpation of swallows competing for nest space in eaves, much nocturnal owl hooting and orderly flocks of geese honking their way North.  I wonder if this year’s migration will be affected by less air traffic. Ever conscious of our environmental footprint, this year we had planned

Missing Choro Missing You!

With the snow beginning to melt off the peaks and gardens greening up by the day, there is one thing markedly conspicuous by it’s absence this week.  That is the enthusiastic buzz of the first wave of the season’s volunteers to help Hali, Centrum’s Registrar, prepare registration packets, and meet, greet and warmly welcome the