Centrum Policy on Social Distancing and Face Masks for Outdoor Performances

Thank you for considering participation at Centrum.

As you prepare for your visit, you can rest assured that our staff is committed to maintaining Centrum spaces as safe and family-friendly destinations. Below you’ll find some brief information that will assist you in your planning. Centrum depends on all of us approaching the coming weeks and months with a spirit of understanding, patience, flexibility and care for one another.

Last update: 25/03/2022


COVID-19 Protocols
in Venues and Facilities

Per the local Health Officer’s orders and to ensure we’re providing a safe environment for our visitors, community members and staff, masks are required while in indoor spaces. The most recent CDC guidelines provide additional protocols that Centrum has implemented for our guests and are provided below. As of January 24 2022 CDC guidelines have been updated to include “full and up to date vaccinations” based on the date of the most recent shot. See our ticket sales page for details.


Workshop and/or Classroom facilities

Centrum’s on-campus learning programs are open—until further notice—only to vaccine verified participants. All Centrum on-campus workshop, faculty, and/or classroom participants are therefore required to show proof of full and up to date vaccination at the time of registration. Masks that fit snugly over the nose and mouth are required in all indoor spaces at Fort Worden. Bandanas, gators, scarves, or masks with mesh, holes, and/or valves are not acceptable.

Wheeler Theater Protocols

Before entering the Wheeler Theater, guests and staff of Centrum at Fort Worden must demonstrate that they are “up to date” with COVID-19 vaccinations along with a matching photo ID. Due to the enclosed nature of the theater, Centrum is continuing to require all audience members to remain masked while in the Wheeler Theater with a mask that fits snugly over the nose and mouth. Masks must also be worn in restrooms and similarly confined and unventilated spaces. Bandanas, gators, scarves, or masks with mesh, holes, and/or valves are not acceptable.

Covid safety information is provided at the time of ticket purchase to all ticket buyers and will be updated as guidelines change.

Procedures for children

All children aged 5 years and older are also required to be show proof of current vaccination. Children 2 years and older must wear masks inside the venue and confined spaces, and when unable to socially distance from others. Not all small children are able to comfortably wear a mask for extended periods. Please consider this carefully when making your plans.

Centrum Office

The Centrum office is not open to the public. Centrum staff working or visiting the Fort Worden campus are required to be fully vaccinated and must wear masks when in common areas or in office spaces when shared with others.