Port Townsend Ukulele Workshop 2023


Thursday April 13 to Monday April 17

Here’s everything you need to know.

PTUF Grid FINAL   (the schedule)

THE FIRST DAY – Thursday April 13 – Welcome!

Check-in starts at 4pm at the Centrum office.

If you don’t have a dorm room or a meal plan, you can check-in at the Wheeler Theater at 7:15.

Dinner is served at 6pm in the Commons. Please bring your meal card to all meals.

7:30pm – An extensive welcome and orientation session begins at 7:30 in the Wheeler Theater. We will introduce each of the musicians who are on staff and ask them to play some music and to talk about what they’ll be teaching. We’ll also talk about the workshop schedule, bring any fresh information, and try to get all your questions answered. Bring your instrument to orientation! There will be a jam after.


Meal times: Breakfast: 8am, Lunch: 12:15pm, Dinner: 6pm.

The serving line is open for 45 minutes. Bring your meal card. If you have not purchased a meal plan, you may buy individual meals, but only starting 30 minutes after the scheduled mealtimes, above.

Please note: alternate entrée offerings are produced only for folks who’ve reported a need for an alternate in advance, not an opportunity for individuals to select their preferred option for any given meal period. In short, you cannot choose your entrée.

Some food options are also available at Reveille at the Commons – Open daily 8am – 3pm. Breakfast, lunch, espresso, pastries.


Please wear your badge! It admits you to all workshops and performances.

THE LOUNGE in 204 (downstairs south) – The Lounge is the information center for the week. You’ll find folks there each morning to help with anything you need. Workshop contents will be posted here, as well as changes and additions, messages and the like. It’s a good idea to check the Board after every meal.

Please – no music making in the dorms. Folks need one place that is quiet. 204 is available for jamming.

WI-FI INTERNET – Unlocked Wi-Fi Internet access is available throughout the campus. The password is FortWorden.org (case sensitive).



Click here for the schedule:     PTUF Grid FINAL

There are two types of classes:

DROP-IN CLASSES: Drop-in classes are for anyone at any time. They are shaded on the GRID.

THREE-DAY CLASSES: The three-day classes are progressive and incremental; that is, the day 2 session will be based upon the day 1 session, etc. We ask that you do not drop in to three-day classes unless you participate in the first day.

3:00 – 4:00 – Serendipity Hour
Check the Board in the Lounge for special and juicy workshops.

4:30 – 5:30pm, Friday and Saturday
Open Mic upstairs in 204 north – sign up in the lounge. Bring refreshments!

4:30 on Sunday – Ukulele Garage Sale in the USO


Friday, April 14, 7:30, Wheeler Theater
Public performance – Wear your badge! Festival seating. Doors open to participants at 6:45; doors open to the public at 7.
COOL HAND UKES: Victoria Vox, Aaron Keim, Canote Bros., Brook Adams, Nikki Dee

Saturday April 15, 7:30, Wheeler Theater
Public performance – Wear your badge! Festival seating. Doors open to participants at 6:45; doors open to the public at 7.
UKEBOX HEROES: Rachel Manke, Daniel Ward, Heidi Swedberg, Daniel Ho, Adam Franklin, Del Rey

Sunday April 16, 7:30, USO
Final party in the USO – open mic for individuals and classes (classes get priority if there are too many sign-ups). Directions in the lounge, check the board.



Centrum parking lot at 9:00. We must be out of all housing by 11am. If you leave earlier than 8:00, put your key through the mail slot in the front door of the Centrum office. Thank you!


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Are the Uke Fest workshops appropriate for my skill level?

The Port Townsend Ukulele Festival is a gathering appropriate for advanced-beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. The word “beginner” covers a lot of ground. Most offerings at the workshop are geared towards people who know more than a few chords, and are capable of changing chords smoothly and in rhythm. You’ll get the most out of your experience if you can do the following exercise in three different keys. Use a metronome!

At 60 beats per minute, play each chord four times (four beats per chord). Play the chords without diagrams, that is, by heart.

C – Am – F – G7 – C

It should take 20 seconds. Try it in these keys as well:

F – Dm – Bb – C7 – F

G – Em – C – D7 – G

If you can do this, then this workshop is for you! If you need to look up any of these chords, then you know what you have to work on (and master) before the festival starts.